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Evan Muñoz (aka Uncle Skuby) is a multidisciplinary digital creative, NOT just limited to the computer.

He grew up in an Art oriented family, his Mother an Art teacher and Father an Architect. Naturally he is highly influenced by all forms of Art and Design.

His relationship with Graphic Design is constantly changing as he becomes more proficient in various programs.  Illustration is his specialty, but he has Web, Video, Animation & 3D experience as well.  Evan has also dabbled in User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) designing for App Development.  Conceptualizing is his passion, ideas are always pumping through the pipes in his brain.

Currently he works as a Marketing Graphic Designer/Digital Marketing Analyst.  Here he utilizes his Design skills and pairs it with Social Media and Google Analytics to determine his next move to generate audiences in a digital space.

He seeks harmony NOT only at work, but in life as well!

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